What is Play Therapy?

Written by Kaitlin Cross, M.S., LPC It’s National Play Therapy Week, so I am taking this opportunity to share with you how play therapy works and the benefits it can have on a child’s mental and emotional health. What is Play Therapy? The Association for Play Therapy (APT) defines play therapy as “the systematic useContinue reading “What is Play Therapy?”

25 Ideas for Family Fun during the Holiday Season

The holidays are a special time to reflect on the good things, celebrate annual traditions, and connect with friends and families. When the kids get out of school, it can sometimes bring stress in discovering things to keep them occupied during the winter break. These kid-friendly indoor and outdoor activities will help your family bondContinue reading “25 Ideas for Family Fun during the Holiday Season”

Two brains are better than one

Written by Teana Elmer I’m sure you’ve heard that saying before, and I think it applies perfectly to the fields of psychiatry and psychology. When a psychiatrist and psychologist work collaboratively by sharing information about their patient, a greater picture is presented, for both clinicians,  to make a more informed assessment and treatment approach. TheContinue reading Two brains are better than one


Written by: Amy Bryant I will never forget the first time I went to therapy. I was going through a divorce and desperately trying to save my marriage. I cannot remember why or how we ended up with the therapist that we did but I did not do any research beforehand. I simply followed blindlyContinue reading “HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT THERAPIST FOR YOU”

Back to School Basics: Setting the Stage for a Great Schoolyear

It seems like every year the summer season gets shorter and shorter, and before you know it autumn hits (or what passes for autumn in Texas). For many adults this shift doesn’t significantly affect their day-to-day routine. However, for children this change is often huge. Gone are days filled with camps and vacations (or ifContinue reading “Back to School Basics: Setting the Stage for a Great Schoolyear”