25 Ideas for Family Fun during the Holiday Season

The holidays are a special time to reflect on the good things, celebrate annual traditions, and connect with friends and families. When the kids get out of school, it can sometimes bring stress in discovering things to keep them occupied during the winter break. These kid-friendly indoor and outdoor activities will help your family bond over the holidays without breaking the bank! Here are 25 things to add to your Christmas checklist you may want to include in your traditions this year.

  1. Go on a Christmas scavenger hunt
  2. Do a fun Christmas gift exchange
  3. Wear Christmas sweaters
  4. Make gingerbread houses together
  5. Experience a family holiday lights tour
  6. Decorate your child’s door like a giant Christmas present
  7. Holiday movie night
  8. Go caroling at the local hospital or nursing home
  9. Make ornaments together
  10. Donate toys to a toy drive
  11. Send holiday cheer to soldiers stationed overseas with a care package
  12. Arts & crafts making paper snowflakes
  13. Bake holiday cookies together
  14. Holiday party games (pin the tail on the reindeer, pin the nose on the snowman)
  15. Write a letter to Santa or the elves
  16. Rent holiday books from the local library
  17. Roast marshmallows or make smores’ together
  18. Have a “campout” indoors under the Christmas tree
  19. Attend a Christmas musical or see the Nutcracker
  20. Have an indoor snowball fight
  21. Play Christmas song bingo
  22. Take a holiday family photo together
  23. Bake a fancy Christmas dinner as a family
  24. Play a family board game/do a Christmas puzzle together
  25. Make popcorn and cranberry garland for the Christmas tree

Written by Kate Hill

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